Earlier this week, tickets for the MCU's latest installment Avengers: Endgame went on sale. Websites and apps crashed as people across the country tried to get their hands on tickets for opening night. As someone who had two web pages and two apps opened trying to get tickets for the Thursday night showings, I understand the pain everyone went through.

AMC's app and website crashed. Fandango had people in a queue for hours on end, I waited 4 hours. Luckily for me, after 2 hours of waiting I realized there are movie theaters by me that are not AMC theaters and do not use Fandango. After a major sigh of relief I got my Thursday night tickets, and perhaps tickets for other nights that weekend. I cannot confirm nor deny it. It was an emotional roller coaster trying to get these tickets.

  • 1

    We all started off excited that the tickets were finally on sale.

  • 2

    Confusion set in when the sites started acting up.

  • 3

    The palms started sweating as we hit refresh a few times.

  • 4

    Getting added to the queue struck fear in us.

  • 5

    The anger started to grow as we waited.

  • 6

    There was a feeling of defeat as the first hour passed.

  • 7

    We wanted to cry when we thought we would never get through.

  • 8

    As hour three passed exhaustion and frustration set in.

  • 9

    When we got out of the queue the smile grew on our faces.

  • 10

    No one can explain the joy when we got our tickets.

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