Ridiculous pool floats have become all the rage in the past few years. The bigger, the more ridiculous the better. Social media is definitely to credit to this fad. People like taking crazy Instagram photos with their wacky inflatables.

From inflatable buffets to inflatable "hot beach bods" things get weird at peoples' pool parties. Here are 10 of the wackiest inflatable pool floats that the internet has to offer.

  • Moon Boat via Amazon.com

    Inflatable Salad Bar

    Why get out of the pool to eat when you can have floating serving trays right next to you? The pool float is marketed as a salad bar, Luau cooler, BBQ tray, and food and drink holder. You can get two floating salad bars for $14.99.

  • via ToySplash.com

    Inflatable Pirate Fort

  • via Walmart.com

    Toilet Pool Float

    If you have the poop emoji float you need a toilet float to go with it. Unfortunately, this must be a hot commodity because it seems to be sold out everywhere. However, it usually sells for $14.00.

  • B&D Game via Amazon.com

    Hot Bod Beach Bro Lounger Pool Float

  • Swimline via Amazon.com

    Swimline 2 Station Arcade Shooter Toy

  • Intex via Amazon.com


    Practice your bull riding skills in your pool with the Inflat-A-Bull. The description says "Be brave and enjoy a fun bull-riding experience on water with Intex Inflatable! Host competitions with family and friends and see how long you can stay mounted on the bull." You can have your own on Amazon for $44.98.

  • via Toysplash.com

    Swimline Tiki Bar

  • Sun Pleasure via Amazon.com

    Inflatable Floating Island

    You know what every raft needs? It needs some coolers, two couches, two lounge chairs, and a mesh bottom to let some water in. There are a few "floating islands" out there and all of them are insane. This one goes for $406.13!

  • Swimline via Amazon.com

    Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice

    Why have one pizza slice pool float when you can have 8 slices to make up an entire pizza. You have to have a giant pool to fit this. The description of this float knows why these are so popular by saying, "Looks great in photographs!" Get your own floating pizza pie for $179.99.

  • Sun Pleasure via Amazon.com

    Unicorn Party Island

    What's better than a 10 foot unicorn party island? I can't really think of anything else. This crazy inflatable can fit 6 people, has cup holders, a cooler, and a mesh bottom to allow some water in. It's like a Pegasus and a unicorn had a baby. It's only $249.99.