For better or for worse we love our pets. Even if they pee on our favorite shirt or tear up important papers, we love them. There are certain things all pet owners do that unite them, no matter what type of pet they own. Whether it's a snake, a dog, a bird, a fish, or a miniature horse, all pet owners can relate to these.

  • 1

    Calling their pet by their nicknames.

    Pet owners have numerous nicknames for their furry friends. I call my dog Daisy, Baby Cakes, Honey Bunny, Honey, and Dais. On most occasions I call her Honey Bunny rather than Daisy. This seems to be the case for most pet owners, we rarely call them by their real name.

  • 2

    Yelling at their pet to love them.

    This isn't a reprimanding yell. We've all done it, we pick up our dog/cat/snake, hug them, and beg for their love. It is perfectly natural.

  • 3

    Taking 1,000,007 photos of their pet.

    We might run out of memory on our phones, but there is no way you can delete the 15 photos of your pet they you yesterday.

  • 4

    Posting selfies with their pet once a week.

    This goes hand in hand with #3. Our Snapchat feeds are filled with selfies we took with our best friends.

  • 5

    Missing their pet the most when they go away.

    When a you go away, the thought of seeing your pet's reaction when you get home brings a smile to your face. You also wonder if your pet misses you too.

  • 6

    Talking to them like they are people.

    It is amazing how long a we can have a conversation to our pets. Honestly it's pretty much just talking to ourselves, but much more acceptable to society.

  • 7

    Talking about their pet like they're a person.

    See #6.

  • 8

    Refering to their pet as their child.

    This sometimes rubs people the wrong way, however it does not stop you from talking about how you have children in the form of pets.

  • 9

    Relationships could end if they don't like your pet.

    They made a whole movie about this: Must Love Dogs. If someone you are dating doesn't love your pet as much as you do, all bets are off and that relationship is on a one way train to splitsville.

  • 10

    Spending more money of their pet than themselves.

    Between, food, treats, tank accessories, toys, and clothes, pets can be quite costly.

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