We make radio.

And we make videos.

This weekend, as you're flipping through the internet, stay awhile and check out these Must-See videos!

  • 1

    Never Been to Taco Bell!

    So I discovered my morning show co-host, Rachel, had never eaten Taco Bell! I made it my mission to change that - and we took along a listener, too!

  • 2

    Cooking with an Iron

    Our Midday Host Chelsea likes a good challenge! Can she cook with an iron? No starch, please!

  • 3

    Healthy Cooking

    Rachel tackles cooking - but, without all the bad stuff!

  • 5

    Who Doesn't Like Cookies?

    We seem to be stuck on the theme of food!

  • 6

    Eating Contest!

    Sometimes, you gotta eat for cash and prizes!

  • 7

    A Little Travelling Music, If You Please!

    What did we do before we had these things in our pocket?

  • 8

    Planes, Trains, and Boats!

    We learned how to sail a boat. Well, a yacht!

  • 9


    Just because....

  • 10


    Who doesn't love Girl Scout Cookies?

  • 11

    One More Laugh

    We can't let you go without a laugh!

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