One of the best things about South Jersey is the variety each month gives us. Having 4 seasons that vary greatly, keeps things interesting. However, with that comes a variety of feelings each month. Let's face it some are better than others.

September is a magical time in South Jersey, while January is the worst. Here are 12 GIFs to describe the months in South Jersey.

  • 1


    It always seems dark and freezing throughout January. Everyone seems miserable and we all just want winter to be over, but it has barely begun.

  • 2


    Between Valentine's Day and winter, South Jersey is just over it...

  • 3


    March is weird, we can get days that feel like Spring and others like it's the middle of January. It's just a waiting game for the warmer weather.

  • 4


    The first day of warm weather people in South Jersey act like summer is here and start laying out in the sun.

  • 5


    May is a great month, it's warm and there are no Shoobies. It's the best.

  • 6


    Now that it feels like summer and school is still in session, South Jersey takes advantage of the quiet beaches.

  • 7


    Shoobie season is in full swing and the patience level in South Jersey is well below zero.

  • 8


    August is hot, humid, and most people in South Jersey are over summer by the middle of August.

  • 9


    The weather is still perfect in September, the ocean water is warm, and it's local summer. September is the best in South Jersey.

  • 10


    The girls are breaking out their sweaters, boots, and of course pumpkin spice lattes.

  • 11


    The only reason we put up with November is because of Thanksgiving, let's be honest.

  • 12


    December is the only month of winter that South Jersey, and the rest of New Jersey, is happy. Thank you Christmas.

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