Carrie Underwood takes over for Faith Hill on September 8th as Sunday Night Football begins.  And 13 NFL players will be by her side, even though a whole slew of NBC stars "auditioned" for a part!

Here are the 13 NFL players in the video:

Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald

New Orleans Jimmy Graham

Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson

Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck

New York Giants Eli Manning

Denver Broncos Peyton Manning

Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews

Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy

Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers

Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs

Dallas Cowboys DeMarcus Ware

Houston Texans JJ Watt

San Francisco 49ers Patrick Willis

"Waiting All Day For Sunday Night" is set to the Joan Jett song, "I Hate Myself For Loving You" and Carrie Underwood will sing it for the first time this year, taking over for Faith Hill who sang it from 2007 until this year.

Earlier this summer, NBC held "auditions" for the new voice for Sunday Night Football.  NBC stars like Heidi Klum, Matt Lauer and Joan Rivers got in on the fun!