Thanks to our listeners, we've compiled a list of facts about South Jersey Towns that we didn't know!

These items were submitted via social media, email, and on the phone. NOTE: We have not checked the accuracy of these "facts."

If you have more facts to share, please include them in the comments section!

Facts About South Jersey Towns

1. The inventor of the Birth Control Pill was born in Woodbine! (This is totally true, we checked Wikipedia. Gregory Pincus, actually a co-inventor of The Pill,  was born in Woodbine on April 9, 1903.)

2. The inventor of the Mason Jar, John Landis Mason, was born in Vineland in 1832. According to Wikipedia, he also invented the screw top salt shaker!

3. Oprah Winfrey's longtime boyfriend, Stedman Graham is from Whitesboro. (We knew that)

4. According to Kelly Barlow, two sisters fired a cannon from Beesley's Point to keep the British out of the bay. Their father was away at war.

5. Gregg Knight say Brigantine was "named after a 2 masted schooner , apparently it wrecked on the beach and the name stuck."

6. Al Capone's South Jersey house is still standing in Clementon.

7. Deborah Emm says Grace Kelly celebrated her 16th birthday in Galloway Township.

8. Fay Best says at least two movies were partially shot in Green Bank: 13th Child and Fallen.

9. Several people commented on Facebook that one of the members of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, who died in a plane crash, spent considerable time growing up with his grandparents in Woodbine, and also owned property there.

10. Baseball Star Mike Trout is from Millville. (Yes, we all knew this, right?)

11. According to Carl Pitale, "On August 11, 1880, a grisly train wreck in Mays Landing killed 25 people and left dozens more critically injured!! Now, their ghosts haunt the center of town."

12. Rusty Kodolitsch say the Somers Mansion in Somers Point is the oldest building in Atlantic County.

13. Kim Rubio says Lower Township has the best sunsets. (It actually says that on a water tower!)

14. NASCAR champ Martin Truex Jr. is from Mayetta, just outside Manahawkin. (OK, we knew that.)

15. America Idol contestant Mara Justine is from Galloway. (We knew that, too)

16. Andrew Warren says Surf City recorded the highest wind gust during Hurricane Sandy.


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