Not too much has been released about the South Jersey veteran who was shot by police outside of his home on September 14th.

According to multiple reports, the man was identified as Charles Sharp III of Manuta, Gloucester County, who served at the 177th Fighter Wing in the Air Force for over twenty-one years. Apparently, police responded to a 9-1-1 phone call that was made from his home and wound up firing the fatal shot that took Sharp's life. He was 49-years-old. The reason for the 9-1-1 call has not been made public.

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Sharp was a South Jersey resident all his life, aside from where he was born, San Diego, California. He grew up in Mantua Township and attended Clearview Regional High School. Unfortunately, Sharp did leave behind one child, a son, age unknown. He was laid to rest at Gloucester County Veterans' Cemetery in Monroe Township on Tuesday, September 21st.

Reportedly, when officers arrived on the scene police saw Sharp with a fake semi-automatic weapon before shots were fired. In order to determine which steps need to be taken next, an investigation is currently ongoing which will determine whether or not disciplinary action will be taken against the officer that fired the fatal shot, or even if charges need to be filed.

Nothing will be officially decided, however, until the case goes before a grand jury.

You can read more about the incident involving the South Jersey Air Force veteran HERE.


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