It's been several days since a wayward dolphin has been "trapped" in a creek near Cape May Court House.

In that time, news helicopters have buzzed overhead, and some folks have tried to "rescue" the dolphin by coaxing it back into the bay.

So far, no success. At last check, the dolphin was still there.

We've been thinking that the dolphin needs a name.

Giving the dolphin a name

Throughout the day, locals have been chiming in on some naming recommendations. Some of these are pretty good!

We can't just keep referring to that dolphin as "that dolphin" - it does need a name.

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20 of the best name suggestions for the Cape May County dolphin

In no particular order, here's list of the best recommendations:

1. Missy - for misguided. Suggested by Gary Green.

2. Bubbles. Suggested by Joshua Day.

3. Marshy. Suggestion from Nicole.

4. Stucky, from Michele Mick.

5. Waldo, from Frank Gilbert. As in "Where's Waldo?"

6. CC suggested Joh Mainiero. CC stands for Cape Court House, we assume.   Cat Timmons suggested that CC stand for Cat Country. Thanks!

7. Dolphin McDolphinface. From Daniel Nees.

8. Courtney, says Ted Pugliese. (Short for Cape May Court House). Very clever!

9. Slinky, suggested Jennifer Zimmerman.

10. How about The Tater! That comes from Steven Gelsleichter, who says the land by the dolphin is Potato Island!

11. Gilligan, suggested Jan Ayers. We assume as in "Gilligan's Island."

12. Flipper, says Lucinda Andrews.

13. Porter Ricks, says Steven Weber. (If you don't get that, you probably never saw "Flipper."

14. Courtney May is one of our favorites. It was suggested by Terri Deans. Cape May Court House - get it?

15. Meadow, suggested Lynn. After all, she's kind of stuck in a meadow.

16. Crick, says Dee Brown. She is stuck in a crick... or, creek, if you prefer.

17. Summer, seems seasonally appropriate! Sandy suggested that one.

18. Shoobie! Keith Morganweck provides that suggestion.

19. Bait, says Tracy Steberger.

20. Brooke - because she's stuck in close to a brook. Amanda provided that suggestion.

Do you have a better name suggestion? Email me:

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