Unfortunately, there's more sad news to report. It appears as though another dead dolphin has washed up on the Jersey Shore, this time on Brigantine Beach.

I'm losing count. With every dead whale and dolphin that ends up beached along the Jersey Shore, my heart breaks a little more.

Could it be something way more serious is going on in the waters off the coast of New Jersey than anyone imagined? The deaths of all these dead mammals has me shaking my head. It's TRAGIC.

This latest dead dolphin was spotted on the North End of Brigantine's beach Wednesday morning.

In a photo posted to Facebook by Dee Williams-Brown, it looks like officials are already on the scene investigating.

WHY does this keep happening? Wind farms? Vessels on the water? Global warming? Some sort of poisonous agent in the water? I don't mean to speculate, but I can't help it.

Governor Phil Murphy continues to say there is no link between the whale/dolphin deaths and wind turbines.

Just days ago, an 8-foot bottlenose dolphin was found deceased on the 50th Street beach in Avalon.

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I'm continuing to monitor this situation and will update this story as more details become available.

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