Three high school girls from Miami invented a straw to detect if a drink has been drugged.

As a young woman I've been told throughout my life you never accept a drink from someone you don't know and you never turn your back to your drink. It is more than unfortunate that women have to be concerned with this when they are going out to relax and have fun with friends. Three teens from Miami invented a product that could possibly save someone from being drugged.

Carolina Baigorri, Susana Cappello, and Victoria Roca, students at Gulliver's Preparatory in Miami, invented Smart Straw for the Miami Herald's Business Plan Challenge High School Track. Not only did they compete in the challenge, they won it.

The Smart Straw enables to user to check their drink for common date rape drugs. The girls realize there are many drug testing kits out there, but that the use of these products especially by young women was probably quite low. This straw allows the user to test the drink quick and easy with the bottom of the straw turning blue when it comes in contact with drugs such as Ketamine, GHB, and Rohypnol (roofies).

Inside Edition via YouTube
Inside Edition via YouTube

The girls wanted an easy way for college students to test their drinks, initially thinking of using a piece of jewelry. The straw is easy and inexpensive to produce and it is eco-friendly.

While developing the Smart Straw they surveyed fellow students to get feedback on their product. Out of the students they surveyed 85 percent agreed they would use the straw.

They are looking into getting patent protection on their invention.

Now that students are home for the summer from college the bars and clubs are the hot spots for hanging out. While you should always keep an eye on your drink, it is easy for someone to slip something in without you noticing. One of the inventors Carolina Baigorri said, "We know it’s not a solution because it can’t end rape, but we were hoping to lower the amount of rape and dangerous situations you might be in through drugs."

During their survey of students, more than half said they knew someone that had been drugged at a party. This is an alarming amount.

Hear what the girls had to say about their Smart Straw:

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