Between Disney movies, theme parks, and TV channels, Disney is full of some interesting facts. I took on these facts and got through 30 facts in 1 minute. Watch here.

Hello, my name is Chelsea and I love all things Disney. I love Disney movies, I love Disney movie soundtracks, I love old school Disney Channel get the idea.

Let me fully explain how much I love Disney. My favorite Disney movie is Pocahontas. Now, growing not only did I love Pocahontas, but I was obsessed. My hair was past my butt because I wanted to have hair like her's. I finally cut the length when I was in 5th grade.

My bedroom was Pocahontas themed until I was in 6th grade. The only reason it was changed at that age was because my mother changed my room while I was in school. I am clearly not over that yet. I am scarred for life. There's a good chance my room would still be Pocahontas themed.

Excuse me while I go buy a Pocahontas comforter.


I did 30 Disney facts in 1 minute for yours and my own enjoyment.

Watch it here: (full fact list below)

  • The official voices for Mickey and Minnie mouse were married in real life.
  • Doritos were invented in Disneyland.
  • There is a hidden basketball court in the Matterhorn.
  • Tomorrowland in the parks is based off of the future year 1986. (Sadly, 1986 did not end up looking like that)
  • Main Street in the parks is based off of the year 1910.
  • Both 1986 and 1910 are years when Haley's comet flew past.
  • There used to be a real human skull in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
  • There are vents called Smellitizers that pump certain scents to fit the theme of a particular park area.
  • John Lennon officially signed a document that disbanded The Beatles in Disney World.
  • Steve Martin worked in Disneyland.
  • Mickey Mouse first appeared in 1928.
  • Disney World is about the same size as San Francisco.
  • The first international park was in Tokyo.
  • Disney was sued by biologists for the defamation of hyenas in The Lion King.
  • Disney is the 2nd largest purchaser of explosives in the U.S. That's a lot of fireworks. The Department of Defense is #1.
  • Selfie sticks are banned in all Disney parks.
  • Dumbo was the first Disney animation set in the U.S.
  • The actress that does the voice for Lilo in Lilo and Stitch also plays the girl Samara in The Ring. Yes, the creepy girl with her hair in her face.
  • The sorcerer Yen Sid is Disney backwards.
  • There are tunnels under Disney World. This allows characters to get from one side of the park to the other. It also allows workers to remove garbage cans without carrying the trash around the park. It is to enhance the magic.
  • Park characters are not allowed to use the word "no".
  • Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty has only 18 lines of dialogue in her own movie. BONUS: she only has around 18 minutes of screen time. Dumbo has no dialogue.
  • Bruce the shark in Finding Nemo is named after the mechanical shark used for Jaws.
  • A113 shows up in Pixar movies. It is the classroom at the California Institute of the Arts that was used for the first year graphic design and character animation class that many of the animators took.
  • Walt Disney was given one normal sized Oscar and 7 mini sized Oscars for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Walt Disney's last words were "Kurt Russel".
  • Walt Disney played Peter Pan in a school play.
  • "Reflection" from Mulan was Christina Aguilera's first single.
  • Aladdin was modeled after Tom Cruise.

Bonus: Thomas from Pocahontas was played by Christian Bale.

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