No on can deny that this has been one crazy year. Folks, it's not even half over!

We've put together 30 words and phrases that have quickly become part of our lexicon this year - and, frankly, we could have done without a lot of them.

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Please feel free to comment and add whatever we've missed.

Here's to a better 2nd half of 2020!

1. "We're in this together." Started as a rally cry during the pandemic. It's pretty much ended up in ever car, detergent, and probably soon, political commercial.

2. Pandemic. When we first heard it, a lot of us said, "What? You mean epidemic?"

3. Coronavirus. Yeah the corona beer references were funny - for the first six or seven days.

4. COVID-19. We never saw this one coming. (So... were there 18 other COVIDS that came before it?)

5. Quarantine. Who? Us?

6. Isolation. See #5.

7. Work from home. A curse or a blessing?

8. Tiger King. (Including Joe Exotic, Carol Freaking Basken, and the whole lot of `em.) Provided a brief respite for many of us during the pandemic.

9. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. A lot of New Jerseyians probably learned his name for the first time.

10. Curbside Food. (Plus delivery, pickup, carryout.)  Who could have imagined we couldn't have eaten out at our favorite restaurants for months?

11. "Flatten the Curve." Yeah, we heard you the first thousand times you said it.

12. Anthony Fauci. That guy at all the President's daily briefings. When he used to have briefings.

13. No Sports. We have not had any of the major four sports played for months now, yet ESPN is still on the air!

14. No Baseball. It seems that the NBA, NHL, and the NFL have figured it out. Will MLB be sports fans' big disappointment? If there's no season, will baseball ever recover?

15. Lockdown. See #5 and #6.

16. Masks. Everybody's gotta wear `em. Really? Do I have to perform surgery too? Wait, you WANT me to wear this inside my bank? They didn't use to let me wear sunglasses!

17. Protests. A lot of them.

18. Riots. Ugh.

19. Looting. Double ugh.

20. "Black Lives Matter." Yes, they do. (and, yes, if this offends you, all lives do matter - no one is saying that.....)

21. Outdoor Dining. Get ready for it. Starts Monday in New Jersey. If you sell picnic tables, this is your Super Bowl.

22. Bear! In Manahawkin! At the McDonald's Drive-Thru!

23. Derecho! (For the second time in our lifetimes.) We still can't all pronounce it correctly - or explain it for that matter.

24. Murder Hornets. They've been suspiciously quiet, right?

25. Stimulus Check. That's it? Just one?

26. Filing for Unemployment. Ugh, the system was not ready for this.

27. $600. Not bad if you can get it, right?

28. Haircut! Soon, they promise.

29. Social Distancing. Actually sounds like what you're doing if you've taken a break from Facebook.

30. Frontline worker, essential worker. People we should be nicer too in the future.

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