If you've lived in South Jersey for an extended period of time, you'd have NO idea that we allegedly have an accent. But if you step anywhere off the homeland, outsiders can instantly pin-point that we're from South Jersey. Why is that?

Well, it's because we have quite literally made up a language of our own! We've grown-up simply pronouncing words just a little bit differently then the rest of the world.

Who knew? 

But we ain't got no shame in that.  I'm talking about the "Hoagie" masters, and the "Heh-ome" bodies who simply love SJ and everything about it.

So in case you're not from around here, we've made a nifty translation guide of words that South Jersey just cannot pronounce correctly, to help you decipher what the heck we're saying:


Caramel — Car-Muhl
Coffee —Cahw-fee
Bagel — Beggul
Pizza — Pie
Hot Dog —Hot Do-aw-g
Sprinkles — Jimmies
Chocolate —Cho-awk-let
Elementary — Elementary
Kindergarden — Kinny-garden
Library — Lie-berry
Crayon — Cran / Crown
Acme — Ac-A-me
Street — Shtreet
Gala — Gay-luh
Whale — Well
Water — Wooder
Home —Heh-owm
Phone — Pheh-own
Sub Sandwich — Hoagie
Beautiful — Beau-Dee-Full
Pillow — Pello
Drawer — Draw
Bureau — Bur-ah
Gary — Geery
Martin —Mar-in
Reservation — Resavation
Lying — Lyin'
(matter of fact, just drop the "g", "r" and "t" in any word)

 There's definitely more and counting, so if we missed any, give us a call 609-383-1073, comment on the link below, or send us a message to our Facebook page!

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