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In honor of National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, we'd like to present you with following options that will surely knock Brenda from the accounting department out of the office sweater competition.

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  • 1

    Tinsel Town

    Tinsel and garland may be tacky, but that's exactly why a lot of it could win you whatever prize the boss is offering to the "Office's Most Ugliest Sweater" winner.

  • 2

    "O, Christmas Tree"

    This sweater is a unisex option. Turning yourself into a human Christmas tree isn't a bad option if you want to take home the prize.

  • 3

    Christmas at 'The Office'

    If it's an office ugly sweater competition, there's nothing wrong with getting literal with yours. Plus, everybody loves a good Michael Scott reference.

  • 4

    "Santa Kardashian-West"

    "Kardashians, but make it an Ugly Christmas Sweater". This is the result.

    Remember Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine shoot that "broke the internet"? Well, looks like even Santa can't escape the Kardashian influence.


  • 5

    A Mike Tyson Christmas

    At the very least, this sweater option would at least deliver a few chuckles.

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