Who knows how, when, or why ugly Christmas sweaters suddenly took off in popularity, but they're pretty much a Christmas season staple at this point and have been over the last few years.

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Since the pandemic has put an immediate halt on any holiday frivolity to be had this year, nobody gets a chance to show off their latest yuletide yuck yarn ball at any gatherings or parties this year. Well, we thought that just wasn't fair. Some of the sweaters I've seen at least are too funny not to be shared with the world.

The best part about the ugly Christmas sweater trend is that the uglier they are, the better! There's a reason bars and clubs have started giving out 'Ugliest Christmas Sweater' awards to patrons over the last few years. The uglier the sweater, the bigger of a crowd-pleaser it is.

On the week of National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, who are we to rob the world of the joy that comes with gazing at these merry monstrosities? So, we've decided to throw our own ugly sweater party - virtually, of course.

It's now time to submit your favorite (or least favorite) pictures of yourself rocking your ugly Christmas sweater. Whether it's hand-decorated or store-bought, we want to see it! Head over to the Cat Country 107.3 Facebook page. There, you'll find the post where we're asking for you to drop your ugly Christmas sweater photos in the comments.

To make it easier, here's the post below:

Can't wait to see all the ugly!


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