Here I present the 7 sins of New Jersey Beachgoers.  Have I missed any?

1.  Large Tents:  Is it me or does this seem to be a problem that's gotten worse recently?  Sometimes when we head to the beach, there are so many tents set up, it looks like a homeless encampment.  If you need shade, bring an umbrella.

2.  Obnoxious Drunks:  This is a topic that's come up a lot lately, especially in Wildwood.  There are laws on some beaches that prohibit alcohol.  These laws are rarely enforced.  So, if you ARE going to sneak your beers, know your limits.  If you don't, and police approach, leave peacefully.

3.  Feeding Seagulls:  I find it impressive how one piece of bread can attract hundreds of gulls from out of nowhere.  Don't be the person who does this.  We don't find it cute when you let your kids feed them.  Feeding Seagulls makes them aggressive.

4.  Throwing Things at the Seagulls:  Not funny and not acceptable.  Not when adults do it and not when kids do it.  Enjoy the beauty of nature and live and let live.  Keep your food secured, and the gulls will stay away (see #3).

5.  Loud Talkers (or Loud Anything):  You want to play music?  No problem.  You don't need to play it loud enough for everyone on the beach to hear.  While we're on the subject, the same rule applies to cell phone conversations.   

5.  Sitting too Close:  Give some room to your neighbor, especially if you have one of those giant tents (see #1).

6. Sand Kickers:  You're sound asleep, baking in the sun when all of a sudden you feel a giant wave of sand cover your body.  Now you have to rinse yourself and reapply your sunscreen.  Annoying.

7.  People Who Litter:  C'mon people, there are garbage cans everywhere.  Finding plastic wrappers, paper and worse in the sand is disgusting.  Let's clean-up after ourselves.

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