As shoobie season slowly starts to approach us, yet again -- it's time us natives of South Jersey start mentally preparing ourselves for the REALLY dumb questions and comments we're about to get, and when to STEER CLEAR of the shoobs.

In which case,

Here's 7 Ways You Can Immediately Tell Someone is NOT From The 609

1. They refuse to eat "Gas Station Food"

You don't know REAL "Gas Station Food" unless you've embraced a Wawa Hoagie

Credit: Google Maps

2. They think the state animal is "Lucy the Elephant"

Bless their souls. We wonder what they think when they actually SEE Lucy.

Credit: Google Maps

3. They insist on driving 60 mph in the left lane

If this doesn't scream shoobie then maybe we just should...out our window yelling at them as we speed by.

Credit: Google Maps

4. They ask you if Buena people like to vacation in Florida

Get it...cause like, Buena Vista Florida. But not really cause it's pronounced BEU-nah

Credit: Google Maps

5. They think Seaside Heights is the only Jersey Shore

At this rate, Miami will be the new Jersey Shore!

Credit: Google Maps

6. They struggle in understanding the difference between the Parkway and Rt. 9

Oh, the world may never know...truly!

Credit: Google Maps

7. They ask you where your accent is from

...This is self explanatory.

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