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Like every other major milestone scheduled to occur between now through the foreseeable future, this Mother's Day is going to look a little different this year.

Mother's Day is this Sunday. Since the annual brunch or get-together is out of the question, you're probably hoping to find mom the perfect gift to make up for it. You can get creative with your gift this year to make mom feel extra special amid these unprecedented circumstances that are putting a damper on her holiday.

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  • 1

    A Subscription Box

    Not sound too cheesy, but a subscription box is, quite literally, the gift that keeps on giving. A box like TheraBox includes all kinds of self-care goodies that mom can use to pamper herself while stuck inside during the quarantine. There are SO MANY subscription boxes to choose from, so you'll be able to find something that aligns with mom's hobbies or interests.

  • 2

    An E-Gift Card

    Since neither she nor you should be out in public right now unless absolutely necessary, you could save yourself a trip to the store by getting her an E-gift card that can be sent right to her email.

    You choose almost anything. An Amazon gift card couldn't hurt since it would let her choose exactly what she wanted. Another suggestion? Netflix isn't a bad idea since, ya know, what else is she going to do when she has some free time in between homeschool, work, & chores?

  • 3

    A New Appliance

    No doubt, mom's cooking a lot more often since we're all stuck in the house. Why not liven up her kitchen appliances with one she's always wanted?

  • 4

    Engraved Recipe Cutting Board

    Since she is cooking a lot more, why not make it personal? Does mom have a recipe from her mom or grandmother that she holds close to her heart? You can immortalize it so mom never has to worry about it going missing.

  • 5

    Fuzzy Slippers

    The temperature is only going to get hotter from here. With each passing day, it feels more and more like summer. Since there's no telling how long we'll remain in quarantine, updating mom's winter slippers to some fuzzy flip-flop slippers might be a welcome change with the impending summer season right around the corner.

    Comfy, cozy, weather-appropriate. Check, check, and check.

  • 6

    Nail Kit

    It's been a while since mom's been able to get her hair and nails done. While you can't purchase mom her own personal hairdresser, you can get her a professional-grade nail kit that might make her feel a little bit more like herself while she's stuck in quarantine.

  • 7

    Wine Rack

    Not saying that this is every mom, but there's a good chance mom has stocked up on some of the good stuff since the quarantine began. Of course, we're talking about wine. If that sounds like the mom you're shopping for, she's not going to be disappointed with a new wine rack.

  • 8

    Embroidered Hat

    Last but not least, since mom can't get to the hair salon, she's probably wearing baseball caps like they're going out of style. If so, you could pick up this "Mama Bear" personalized hat perfect for Mother's Day.

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