I know we've been dealing with record breaking temperatures and snow levels here in South Jersey, and across the US for that matter!

But rather than dreading it, maybe the cold is a good thing?

I mean, Luke Bryan did say "rain is a good thing"... so maybe that applies to snow too?

Here's 8 Benefits to the Cold Weather here in South Jersey that you may not have realized:

 #1 -- Cold Weather Burns Calories

According to Huff Post, the body works harder to keep you warm when it's in a colder environment. In which case, turn that thermostat DOWN because you begin burning calories naturally as your body tries to take defense to stay warm! So turn up the TV and sit back because it's basically like a work out.

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#2-- We Get Closer, Literally!

If you  have that snuggle buddy that's gonna keep you warm then that's GREAT. But usually in temps this low, we tend to isolate ourselves to the confinements of our warm habitats aka our beds. In which case, we gravitate to that form of entertainment that never leaves our hands: our phones! We call, text, utilize social media much more than we want to admit because quite frankly--we're bored.

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#3--More Cold, Less Bugs

If we can barely thrive in these freezing temps, these little critters definitely can't. It's a cold and dry environment for them, not suitable for breeding and it may even be killing off those that still linger here in South Jersey's bay. (Unless they're hiding in your homes for shelter so in that case, refer to #1)

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#4--Cold Weather Reduces Inflammation

You know what they say for injuries...R.I.C.E: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. But who needs ice when you have it all outside! The cold temps work the same way in regards to reducing inflammation.

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#5-- You Get Better Sleep!

I go to bed early as is to wake up for the morning show, but that's A LOT easier to do when it gets dark at 5pm! The earlier it gets dark, the earlier you feel tired, which in turn can allow you to get more hours of sleep. It's also a lot more comfortable to bundle up in a blanket and sleep in cooler weather than scorching hot 80 degree homes.

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#6--Even The Dog Doesn't Wanna Go Out

If you're a dog parent, like myself, you PRAY for the snow in the cold so that you have an excuse to not walk the dog on your lazy, cold days. Especially down on the island where grass is minimal...the snow allows you to just let your dog out on the back patio without having to throw your snow boots on!

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#7--It's Ok To Leave Your Left Overs In The Car

I'm a culprit of this...but it's ok because the cold temperatures basically turns your car into a refrigerator! So by the time you realize you forgot your food in the car it should still be good (use your best judgment on this).

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#8--Cold Weather Helps You Appreciate the Sun

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well that can totally apply when we've been deprived of the warm sunshine due to hazardous temperatures and mounds of snow piles that barely allow us to see anyway. So once we do see that beautifully warm sunshine, we learn to really appreciate 50 degrees vs. -1.

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