Everybody keeps a can of WD-40 on hand at home, right?

It's useful for so many different things. Sure, you use it to loosen up items around the house that stick together when they shouldn't, but you can also use it for cleaning crayon marks off the walls (looking at you, parents with kids under 5), as a defroster for your car windows, and even on your lawn mower blades to prevent grass from getting stuck.

Did you know there's actually another reason it's useful to keep WD-40 around your house this time of year?

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What's one of your family's favorite fall activities? Why, pumpkin carving, of course!

It's always such a bummer to watch the Jack-o-lanterns you and the kids worked so hard on go to waste after just 2-ish weeks of enjoyment. Sure, Jack-o-lanterns are usually considered Halloween decorations, but technically they're perfectly fine to keep up as we make our way to Thanksgiving. After all, Thanksgiving is a fall holiday, right?

As we all know, our Jack-o-lanterns rarely last that long.


If you see a neighbor's Jack-o-lantern last through the first or 2nd week of November, then they definitely know the WD-40 trick. You may have heard about the water & vinegar method to preserve your pumpkins. You can also spray a little bit of WD-40 on them before and after you carve them to keep them looking great well after their normal shelf life.

Don't feed those pumpkins to the critters outside, though.

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