Portland offered a lot of talent for American Idol.  Even if The Big Bang Theory (which is another show I adore...) beat American Idol for the top ratings on Wednesday night, I'm still thoroughly enjoying this season.  It is believed that this is the first time a scripted series has ever beaten Idol in ratings.  Wow....

On to the talent!  My favorites from last night are:

Britnee Kellogg - (Britney Spears look-alike!) Sad story, great voice!


Jessica Phillips - Absolutely heartbreaking.  What an inspiration, this poor girl and her boyfriend.  Love trumps all.  Always.


Jermaine Jones - What a soothing voice, I could listen to him for a long, long time.  His mom was super cute on the phone!


Romeo Diahn - Amazing story.  I don't know how far he will make it, but I like him.


The auditions continue tonight in St. Louis at 8pm on Fox.

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