I'm Irish and German.  I married an Italian.  Holidays (especially the food) are more than just a celebration.  They are an experience.

Every holiday spent at an Italian household involves food.  And lots of it.  Easter Sunday, my mother in law had antipasto, bread, homemade dried sausage, homemade salami and capicola, grilled vegetables, rigatoni's and ravioli, gravy, lamb, ham, salad, fennel, desserts (cheesecake, ricotta pie, cannoli and Sfogiatelle Ricce - my favorite!)  And every Easter my mother in law makes Pupa con l'uova or an Italian Easter cookie, of sorts.

My mother in laws cookies are pictured above.

They are traditionally made in a bird or basket form and they always include a hard boiled egg.  And my MIL makes the best.  I know I'm biased, but they are the best.

After all the food, we have to digest all that wonderful-ness.  That's when the liquor comes out!  Italy produces a lot of spirits that are designed to help you digest after a big meal.

Strega being one of them.


Strega is an acquired taste for some people.  I happen to love it.  A little peppermint-y and a little fennel-y, Strega means 'witch,' and it can be a real witch if you drink too much!  It's bright neon green and a little off-putting to a first timer.


I have never tried this one, but everybody seemed to enjoy it on Easter.  And of course, every Italian household needs limoncello!

And when you drink too much digestif on Easter, you might end up with an orange peel on your head...

Orange Peel

I love my father in law!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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