Easter weekend is here. No doubt, you're probably making sure the Easter Bunny knows exactly what candy the kids are hoping to find in their Easter baskets this weekend.

I'm going to need you wait a second. Take a minute and breath, okay? The kids are fine, the Easter Bunny will come, and on Sunday, all will be right with the world. Pause from stuffing Easter eggs for the egg hunt really quickly to make sure you have a special treat for yourself planned for this weekend.

Who said the kids are the only ones who get to enjoy some treats on Easter Sunday? I don't know about you, but if I'm going to have a calorie cheat-day, I'll take my Easter treats in adult beverage form.

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Yeah, you could always indulge in the traditional Mimosa or Bloody Mary, but I found some drink recipes thanks to Delish.com that look like they'll turn my Easter brunch up a few notches.

1.) Mimosa Floats

Delish via Youtube

Okay, so you don't like to stray from your traditional brunch go-to beverage. Think about this for a second: it's Easter, after all. Easter's about appreciating the ultimate sacrifice (if you believe that way) with a bonus of being able to indulge in the sweets the Easter Bunny left for the kids. Think of this as the sweet treat the Easter Bunny wanted YOU to have. The Mimosa Float is a sweet spin on the traditional morning brunch drink.



2.) Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa

Tipsy Bartender via Youtube


Sticking with the brunchy drinks for another round; if you're not looking for something as sweet as a dessert like the Mimosa Floats first thing in the morning, how about your morning helping of fruit? In drink form....

Who doesn't love some grapefruit in the morning? If I'm being honest, I don't think I've ever eaten a grapefruit at any other point in the day.  A drink recipe from Tipsy Bartender shows you what you'll need to make a grapefruit mimosa with a strawberry twist.



3.) Rose' Raspberry Sorbet Mimosa

Best Bites by AOL via Youtube


One of the simpler recipes, all you need for this guy is your favorite sparkling Rose, some raspberry sorbet, and some rosemary to garnish.

Check it out:



4.) Strawberry Shortcake Mimosa

Delish via Youtube


Let's combine another dessert with the number one most-loved brunch beverage. Presenting Delish's concoction of their Strawberry Shortcake mimosa. Cake plus some bubbly; how bad could it taste? It looks delicious. It's even topped with a graham cracker rim!


5.) Lemosas


Delish via Youtube


Yes, this is another spin on the traditional orange juice + prosecco/champagne mimosa. However, this one can be served either with brunch or at whatever point in the day the mood strikes you. It's basically a lemonade mimosa with a hint of blueberry.



6.) Pink Moscato Lemonade


I Heart Recipes via Youtube


Keeping with the lemonade trend, another drink you can sip on all Easter Sunday long is homemade Pink Moscato lemonade. The video from the I Heart Recipes Youtube Channel even shows you how to make your own syrup to add to it.



7.) Iced Tea Sangria


Tipsy Bartender via Youtube


Switching up for my last Easter Sunday cocktail suggestion with Tipsy Bartender's version of Iced Tea Sangria. The ingredients are pretty simple: mango slices, peach slices, some sliced strawberries, honey syrup, and some white wine. In the video, you can see they've chosen to use a white Moscato. Of course, you're combining all of these ingredients with the main ingredient, iced tea. Now, once you've stirred everything up, you're going to want to chill your finished product for about two hours.




Happy Easter and Happy Sipping!

Sources: Delish.com, Youtube



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