The Eagles seem to have been dealt a bad hand this year. Non-fans are discounting the team, counting them out for the season. Of course, fans are still hopeful that the team will pull through. However, there are some fans that think this is not the year for the Eagles and they have too many things against them to make this year a success.

No one can deny, fan or not, that the Eagles have had it bad when it comes to injuries this year. Their injury list is like a CVS receipt. DeSean Jackson hasn't played since week 2.

  • Week 1: 8 players
  • Week 2: 5
  • Week 3: 13
  • Week 4: 12
  • Week 5: 9
  • Week 6: 11
  • Week 7: 8

I'll admit I had to ask Eagles fans about what has been going on with the team this season. Again I'll admit I am not an Eagles fan, but I grew up in a household with a few Eagles fans. I hear their daily frustrations with the team this year and the defeated attitude they've adopted. I debated on including "my team," as to not rub it in, but what the heck I'm a 49ers fan. Sorry... However, I am by no means a passionate fan.

That all being said, when I asked what's wrong with the Eagles this year, I got these responses:

  • Injuries (as mentioned above)
  • Lack of creativity in play calling
  • Slow start
  • Offense is inconsistent
  • Secondary plagued with injuries
  • Worst pass defense in the NFL

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