Did you watch the Eagles game last night??

Of course you did! WE WON!

The birds started out a little slow, but we came out with the W in the end. Go us! While we were all busy cheering and high-fiving in front of our televisions since the guys were out in Green Bay, this Eagles fan was out there with them. He definitely was partying waaaayyyy harder than any of us.

Anyone else unable to stop laughing?

Look at the Phanatic tattoo! That belly button is, without a doubt, something to behold.... to say the least.

Joe Kelly and I tried to make out what each tattoo is and I think we've nailed it. Starting from left to right.

  • 1

    The Philly Skyline

    Look all the way down to the left of his belly button. That one's pretty obvious. Not the best skyline we've ever seen, but that statement probably goes without saying.

  • 2

    The Liberty Bell

    Directly above the chicken scratch that's the Philly skyline, you'll see what looks like the Liberty Bell. It's a bell with a crack in it, so we get his attempted aesthetic.

    Joe thought though that it might've been Betsy Ross sewing the American Flag. Email him about that one.

  • 3


    If you don't know the significance of that year, you need to go crack a book. It's the year the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia.

  • 4

    Ben Franklin Bridge

    The Ben Franklin Bridge is probably the most well-known bridge in the city.

  • 5

    Eagles and 95 Sign

    GO BIRDS! For those of you that might not know, I-95 is the main highway that runs through Philadelphia. This one is pretty cool considering the stadiums all sit right off of 95, so the positioning of the Eagles mascot and the 95 tattoo are *gulp* deep. Can't believe I just said that.

    You'd think the highway sign would be the funniest tattoo on his torso, but it's not.

  • 6

    Philadelphia Banner

    That one's obvious enough. However, I'm not sure if the Philly banner is supposed to be attached to the '1776' banner or not.

  • 7

    Boxing Glove and Milk Carton

    The boxing glove tat is obviously in homage to Rocky. The milk carton actually isn't a milk carton. It's a carton of Artic Splash Iced Tea. Artic Splash is super popular in a lot of Philly neighborhoods. You can find them in all the little corner stores and gas stations.

  • 8

    The Phillie Phanatic

    Holy Belly Button, Batman! The Phillie Phanatic tat is the icing on a super embarrassing, cringe-worthy, face-palm cake.

    It looks like Joe Kelly and I could literally make a cave dwelling home for ourselves inside that belly button.

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