If you listen to the Cat Country Morning Show, you know that Joe and Jahna have very different opinions on certain issues. Most things they actually do agree on, but others, they're on two completely different playing fields.

Need some insight on life? Good news! Joe and Jahna are now taking your questions! Need relationship advice? Ask us! Parenting advice? Let's talk about it. Need to vent about your in-laws? We'll cover that too. Let's chat. We don't have psychology degrees, but we're pretty smart (we think).

Searching for a great restaurant recommendation? A vacation destination suggestion (Even though that's an easy one..)? Or, are you wondering whether or not you should yell at your kid's teacher? Let the Cat Country Morning Show help! Joe and Jahna are taking your questions right now via the Cat Country 107.3 App!

Get it HERE!

And we do mean anything.... seriously. To be honest, we're a little nervous lol! But, nonetheless, we want to hear from you! Get the Cat Country 107.3 app and message us with your questions. You might even hear your question on the show!

Remember to let us know if we can use your name on-air! Let's chat.

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