You know how they always say to never become too invested in a potential partner's looks? Well, in today's world, it's almost impossible not to. Unfortunately, that's even true for single people living in the Garden State.

When asked how it feels to be totally immersed within the digital dating world, a few New Jersey singles said they can't help but find themselves in a state of constant comparison. With dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc., it's easy to get wrapped up in the endless scrolling of people putting only their best faces forward. According New Jersey Monthly, a few singles revealed that it's difficult to not think that there's always a chance of leveling up.

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Imagine always thinking to yourself "I can do better than him/her" after a date solely based on appearance. What if the conversation was great? What if the person you met up with has some really amazing qualities. As it turns out, with the constant influx of pretty people flashing across the screen, it's hard to not think that way.

Apparently, the look hang-up doesn't stop with single people these days, either.

A new survey shows that people really do care quite a bit about their significant other's appearance even more so now than they did pre-pandemic. Why is that? Well, for one, the survey suggests that most people let themselves go in lockdown. Some people, in more ways than one. The most common issue people reported to have with the way their significant other looks? Their weight. The study revealed that people, on average, would like their partner to lose roughly 20 pounds.

Is that shocking to you? Here is proof that we are in 2021 and, apparently, still haven't been able to get past putting stock into appearances.

You can take a look at the results of the survey HERE.


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