Spring is here, so that means it's time to do a little spring cleaning.

Most people immediately think about the house or the car when hearing the phrase "spring cleaning", but what if they're not the messiest things in your life?

Sometimes, what really needs to be cleaned up are your relationships with other people. So often we're caught in a web of unhealthy toxicity that it eventually becomes the norm for us, so we don't even realize that we're living within a circle of negativity. Some of us are so worried about everybody else in our lives that we forget to examine the most important relationship of all: the one we have with ourselves. This involves complete and total honesty with who you are and who you spend your time with.

Examining ourselves and our relationships is one of the hardest disciplines to habituate. Putting oneself under a microscope can uncover unsettling aspects of our lives that can make our daily routine complicated and messy for a while, but nevertheless, it has to be done. If you have friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, a husband, a wife, or family members that aren't genuinely there for you, you need to cut them out. Sometimes though, those people aren't easy to spot.

Even people in your workplace who smile and show civility to your face may be ripping apart your character behind your back. How do you deal with that? This one can be hard because you can't just cut them out of your life; you see them every day. The first step in dealing with it is by simply identifying it. If you get a vibe, it's probably for a reason. Don't treat anyone with disrespect, but don't remain invested. That advice can be applied to every single relationship in your life. Just because someone is by your side doesn't necessarily mean they want the best for you.

You may be the most loyal person ever. Trent Shelton says it best when he says it's important not to confuse your loyalty with ignorance and stupidity. Watch:

You remaining loyal to a person or situation that's toxic to you isn't healthy. The person you need to be loyal to is YOURSELF. Remain kind, remain understanding, and remain empathetic. After all, you never know what someone else is going through, but remember to be smart. Your confidence in yourself will ALWAYS be misunderstood by someone; don't let that misunderstanding dim your light. Also remember that it's OKAY for people not to like you. They're ALLOWED not to like you. Forget winning them over. Do not, however, treat them with disrespect (even if that's what they dish out to you). Put out good vibes, well wishes, and prayers for them. Make the conscious choice to be kind not only for their benefit, but more so for yours.

Remember who you are. Remember who you want to be. Cultivate kindness and positivity always. Do that and you'll be amazed how your state of mind transforms for the better.

Happy Cleaning!

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