Ah, the joys of fall.

Pretty soon, the leaves will be falling, all the apples will be picked, and everyone will be cuddling on the couch watching Halloween movies and enjoying the season's favorite flavor of EVERYTHING, pumpkin spice.

You can't escape the pumpkin! It seems like there is a pumpkin spice flavor for absolutely anything and everything you can think of these days. Forget about the pumpkin-flavored candles, perfume, and room spray. Almost every single type of food has now hopped onto the pumpkin spice train.

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Everything from Cheerios to Nissin Cup Noodles is offering something pumpkin spice flavored. Yes, by the way, Nissin noodles as in ramen noodles... they, too, have a pumpkin spice flavored cup. Wild, right?

It's true. You can't escape it. Once the fall hits, pumpkin spice is everywhere. It's here to stay. That's true even in the Garden State. You'd expect local places to offer pumpkin coffee, pumpkin soup, pumpkin spice-flavored doughnuts, etc. However, did you know there was once a place in New Jersey that featured a pumpkin spice pizza on the menu?

Believe it or not, it was a thing. Truth be told, it basically broke the internet for a minute, too. Once the news networks got wind of the pizza place in Middlesex County, NJ that was offering a pumpkin spice pizza back in 2017, you saw that story everywhere. Nunzios Kitchen in Sayreville offered a pizza with a pumpkin-based crust, ricotta, fried zucchini, walnuts, and powdered sugar.

It's not on the Nunzios menu at the time this article was written (9/21/22), but who knows? Maybe, they have something else up their sleeve this year. They had it for a few weeks during the fall of 2017. It certainly was hot when it first appeared.

Who knows what new pumpkin-spiced flavored thing will capture everyone's attention this year.

Source: 6abc.com

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