If you recall the events that transpired during the summer of 2020, you, no doubt, remember the protests in the name of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement taking place all over the country in response to the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Several of those protests were organized and carried out right here in South Jersey. Most were peaceful, though rioting and looting did occur around the Tanger Outlets in Atlantic City. However, the majority of demonstrations orchestrated to highlight police brutality particularly towards the black community were tastefully and respectfully carried out.

In response to the deaths of both Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, a yellow 'Black Lives Matter' mural was painted on a piece of Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard in Atlantic City to show solidarity with the movement. According to NJ.com, the city council has now decided that it's in everyone's best interest regarding road safety and traffic patterns to remove what's currently painted. The mural, however, is not gone for good.

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Recent reports claim that the strip of road on which the mural is currently laid will be repaved. Another mural will take its place. This time, though, with smaller lettering as to not confuse those trying to stay within the yellow lines to follow the correct flow of traffic.


Mayor Marty Small has reportedly stated that the words "Black Lives Matter" will still be visible, thereby appeasing those who might think the plan was to eliminate the message altogether. It's believed that the entire project will be completed in time for the summer 2021 season.

For more information regarding the new 'Black Lives Matter' AC street mural project, click HERE.

Source: NJ.com, Youtube


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