Just like the 'Black Lives Matter' mural on Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard in Atlantic City was deemed a potential danger to traffic patterns, a road in Toms River now has to be addressed for a similar issue.

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A man from Toms River has been charged with painting a blue line along a main road to show solidarity with the police. His support isn't what got him in trouble though, his obstructing and potentially obscuring the normal traffic pattern is what did it. NJ.com reports that 43-year-old Toms River resident David Giordano painted a line that looks like it's meant to throw support behind the 'Blue Lives Matter' movement along Hooper Avenue near the county's justice complex.

The same idea had been proposed by Ocean County's sheriff, however it was decided that flags expressing support for the police would be raised along the route instead. However, Giordano painted a 4 foot-wide blue line before either idea could be voted on. He was arrested and charged with defacing public property. To make a long story short, you can't just paint whatever you want onto a public roadway without going through the proper channels to make sure it's safe to do so.

The county's director, Gary Quinn, did make a statement, however, saying that the support shown for the boys in blue, while appreciated, can't be demonstrated in such a way that it could lead to further destruction down the line which could potentially result in those powers-that-be being held responsible.

As it happens, Giordano was reportedly already in the county jail for another matter unrelated when these charges were brought against him.

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Source: NJ.com

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