If you don’t follow towns/state Twitter accounts, you’re really missing out. The shade that towns and states throw at each other is just simply amazing. You have probably seen Wendy’s making fun of other fast food restaurants, which usually goes viral. Now New Jersey is showing the world just how to rule the social media platform.

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Fox TV tweeted the state’s official twitter account, asking the Twitter profile to rate an “Atlantic City” look. This brought the DoAC Twitter account to come out of the woodwork, raking Seaside through the mud.


The photo was from Fox’s new show Outmatched. The New Jersey account seemed to approve of the look.



However, DoAC didn’t seem all too pleased. DoAC asked Fox if they meant Seaside Heights.


Twitter had a field day with Atlantic City’s response. Shots were fired. New Jersey responded to DoAC with a series of exclamation points. Some responses agreed with Atlantic City, while others called out some other New Jersey towns.



No matter where that outfit would be seen, this is one of the funniest Twitter conversations ever.

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