Are you ready to make reality TV your reality?

Have you ever wondered what life was like for the cast of “Jersey Shore?” Well, wonder no more. The infamous shore house is now available for rent in Seaside Heights, NJ.

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That’s right. For $3500 a night, you can stay right where our favorite fist-pumping, GTL-loving "guidos" and "guidettes" lived out their wildest moments.


Rent out the legendary MTV "Jersey Shore" house

The house has six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and parking for three. Check-in is at 3 PM and checkout is at 11 PM. The home has plenty of space and fits up to 12, making it the perfect spot for a wild weekend or summer getaway.

The shore house was featured in seasons one, three, five, and six of the MTV show and had a brief cameo in the reboot, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Renting the house isn’t just about nostalgia, though - it’s got modern upgrades too. With fresh paint and new appliances, you won’t feel like you’re living in 2009. But don’t worry, the iconic duck phone and rooftop hot tub are still there, ready to be featured in your Insta posts.


Tours are also available if you’re looking for a cheaper experience with less commitment. The tours are $10 and last about 15 minutes.

Whether planning a bachelorette party or celebrating a big birthday, the “Jersey Shore” house would make for an unforgettable vacay with friends or loved ones... if you're a fist-pumping, Jersey-Turnpiking, "Cabs are here" yelling, superfan, that is. You'd have to be for that price, right?

If that's your ultimate "Jersey Shore" dream, then pack your bags, grab your tanning oil, and get ready to party like Snooki and the rest of the “Jersey Shore” fam!

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