An Atlantic City woman is in a heap of trouble after faking her own abduction - complete with an attempt to get ransom money from her family members.

Atlantic City Police say they received reports early Tuesday morning that Casandra Ogelsby, 25, had been abducted. Police say family members and friends "received messages  from her stating that she had been abducted and they needed to pay a ransom to have her returned."

A full investigation began, and withing 12 hours, investigators determined that Ogelsby might still be inside Liberty Apartments - the place from which she was supposedly abducted.

According to police, "Surveillance was initiated by detectives. At 2:30 pm, Ogelsby was observed leaving the apartment building. She was stopped by detectives. Robert Hawthorne, who was with Ogelsby, was detained.

As the investigation continued, it was determined that Ogelsby falsified the messages and was not abducted or in danger. Ogelsby was arrested, charged and found to have an active warrant. Hawthorne was also arrested after he was found to have an active warrant."

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