Here in the Garden State, we're known for plenty of things.

1.) Our love of sports teams that aren't our own like the Philadelphia Eagles, the NY Giants, etc.

2.) Being a "concrete jungle," but also having a decent amount of farmland.

3.) The Jersey Devil

That's all just to name a few. Anybody who knows anything about New Jersey knows that where we really shine is our food. You can enjoy any type of cuisine you want here in the Garden State. Whether you live in North, Central, or South Jersey, you know the best places to find your favorite dishes.

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What might shock a lot of people is that you can actually find some of the most delicious seafood you've ever had here. When you think of lobster or crab, most people's minds usually immediately flash to thoughts of Maine, Boston, or Maryland. If you live in South Jersey, you don't have to travel out of state to get yourself some good shellfish.

Somebody new to the Atlantic City area recently asked the locals where their family could find some pretty awesome lobster and crab without having to break the bank. Sure, plenty of people offered up the casinos as suggestions and other great local spots in and around Atlantic City. One place, however, seemed to come up a lot.

Lobster, shrimp, muscles, and corn boil

Where to find the best lobster and crab on a budget near Atlantic City?

Turns out, you don't have to go too far. You do, however, need to go beyond the boundaries of America's Adult Playground. So many people have claimed that to get the best bang for your buck when indulging in crab and lobster, you have to make your way over to PJ Buckets over on North Dorset Avenue in Ventnor. It's all in the name: buckets! Locals say you'll enjoy buckets of seafood for a reasonable price.

Delicious crab legs on a bed of clams

What should you order at PJ Buckets?

Ask anyone that's a fan of that place and they'll likely tell you to get the seafood boil. It's got a little bit of everything thrown in there. You get a variety of seafood along with sausage, potatoes, and corn, too.

If you've got a place you'd like to suggest to these people, join the conversation HERE.

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