As I get older the coasters get better and better and I get a little nervous standing in line. Six Flags Great Adventure is always so much fun, the Safari and Park are both great.

We are lucky, we have so many cool places in Ocean County that have some awesome rides from the boardwalks to Six Flags Great Adventure.

Abby and her friends chose a lot of these as her favorites here at the Shore. Abby is my 17-year-old and loves roller coasters.

The top three roller coasters at Six Flags, chosen by you:

#1 Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure - The tallest roller coaster in the world.

#2 Batman - Six Flags Great Adventure

#3 Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure

What major huge changes will be happening at Six Flags for the 2024 season?

2024 is a huge year for Six Flags Great Adventure. Yes, I still call it Great Adventure. Six Flags will celebrate 50 years and there will be a lot of really cool things happening in 2024.

Just to name a few, a luxury camping experience and a new family roller coaster with a first-of-its kind and more exciting extras for next season at Six Flags.

Park President Brian Bacica:

With our largest park investment in almost two decades, we are excited to offer guests of all ages compelling new experiences that make Six Flags Great Adventure the most popular theme park experience in the Northeast during our 50th Anniversary Celebration. In 2024, we will debut our 15th roller coaster, the first-of-its-kind in the Western Hemisphere; and the most unique overnight experience in the country within our 350-acre safari.

The 2024 Season Changes and add-ons:

six flags great adventure
six flags great adventure

The FLASH Vertical Velocity - From Six Flags Great Adventure:

The first super boomerang coaster to open in North America rushes forward and backward at nearly 60 miles per hour through a 180-degree twisted drop and zero-G roll. In a flash, it changes direction and speeds off again, backward.

six flags great adventure
six flags great adventure

Luxury Safari Experience - From Six Flags Great Adventure:

An authentic African lodging experience at the NEW Savannah Sunset Resort & Spa set within the expansive 350-acre Wild Safari Park. Overnight guests will enjoy ultra-luxurious “glamping” accommodations, scenic vistas, spa services and VIP dining, all creating an unforgettable safari getaway.

The Off-Road Safari Ride is Coming Back and the drive-thru safari with our own cars will be ending after this fall. From what I'm reading from Six Flag's press-release, there will be two areas to pick up the safari ride. One in the back of the park, where it was before and and at the main gate of the park.

The Log Flume and the Big Wheel will be getting a make-over. And some other surprises, too along with the biggest sale of the year, not through September 5th, 2023 with 70% off season passes. Click here for more information.

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