It was a typical Saturday late afternoon down the shore and Norma Michaels was swimming near a floating dock in Atlantic City.

The serenity of the day came to a tragic end when Norma was struck and fatally wounded by a boat near the Wonder Bar Restaurant.

Norma, who was a 79-year-old mother of three, and loved the Jersey Shore.  She was also, evidently a fan of a Tony's Baltimore Grill.

According to a post on Facebook, she and some friends had stopped by Tony's for lunch before her tragic accident and was excited for a future pop-up that was scheduled.  She was so excited that she went so far as to send a picture of their menu to her daughters.

Sadly, she would never get to be there for the pop-up.  When word got out and the folks at Tony's heard her story, they felt compelled to do something special for Norma and her family.

In an act of kindness that we don't hear enough of, Tony's asked Norma's family for a photo of their mom.  They then framed the photo and hung it above their jukebox in honor of Norma.

Tony's Baltimore Grill via Facebook
Tony's Baltimore Grill via Facebook

They shared this touching story on their Facebook page.

When her family comes to dine with us they will always be joined by her spirit & hopefully it serves as a reminder of how much she meant to us, too.

On the day of the accident, witnesses reported the operator of the boat was operating the vessel recklessly.  The New Jersey State Police Marine Services Bureau investigated the accident.

Tony's Baltimore Grill | Facebook

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