Here in New Jersey, regardless of the road, we take our left lane very seriously.

Now I'm not suggesting that anyone should break the speed limit, but if you're not going at or above the posted limit, you usually have no business being in the left lane of the Parkway, Expressway, or the Turnpike.

For years, the Garden State has had a "keep right, pass left" law on its books. And even with signs that say that all over the place, on any given day and on any given road in the state, it seems like that law is never enforced. We've all been behind someone going 51 MPH in the left lane.

So when I was on the Garden State Parkway this past weekend, I got a laugh out of this sign:

Don't Hog The Left Lane sign on the Garden State Parkway - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

For those that maybe don't understand the "keep right, pass left" verbiage, I applaud the folks who control the signs on the Parkway for being a little more blunt in trying to solve one of our biggest driving problems: don't hog the left lane!