Have your kids been experiencing significant transportation delays getting to and from school?

If you answered "yes" to the question above, apparently, your kids aren't the only ones. A district in Camden County is experiencing such horrible issues with transportation that they're now trying to get creative with a solution. In fact, they're going so far as to incentivize families for NOT using district-provided transportation.

New reports claim that the Camden school district is actually willing to pay parents up to one thousand dollars to drive their children to and from school every day. The bus driver shortage is so bad that it's almost impossible for the drivers employed now to get all the kids to school on time. That's not the only thing they're proposing, either.

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Apparently, they're also offering public transportation passes. The catch with that option, though, is that the child must be accompanied at all times by someone who is over the age of 18. That's difficult to accommodate when you take into consideration that most of these children, most likely, come from a working family. It's not likely that someone will be available at both drop-off and pick-up times each and every day to accompany that child onto an NJ Transit bus.

Reportedly, the school bus driver shortage wasn't all due to the pandemic, either. Shortages were being felt all over the state even before the pandemic lockdown. Now that the lockdown is over, people with a CDL are taking their license elsewhere for employment, hence the issue.

At the start of the school year, students in this particular district experienced upwards of 45-minute delays both to and from school. Obviously, that can't go on for the whole year.

$1000 just to take your kid to school every day? No doubt, people are going to do what they have to do to make it happen.

Source: NJ.com

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