I've been seeing this word used more and more lately. Have you ever heard of the word "hygge"? Pronounced like 'hew-guh', it refers to the feeling you get when you've experienced something or somewhere that's warm and inviting. Basically, it's a word used to explain when something has passed the vibe check.

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It's hard to imagine a scenario in which Cape May wouldn't pass a vibe check. People LOVE it regardless of the time of year. Some would argue that it's the absolute most beautiful place in all of the Garden State. If it's not THE most beautiful, it definitely ranks within the top 10.

Well, congratulations are due for Cape May once again as they've secured the title of one of the most coziest places in all of the United States. Both the towns of Clinton and Cape May have scored this honor. Obviously, hearing Cape May is one of the towns that came out on top is anything but shocking.

Who doesn't absolutely adore Cape May during the holidays? From the delicious eats to the holiday house tours and even the carriage rides, is there anything Cape May doesn't have during Christmastime?

It's got small-town charm combined with coastal beauty. Is it any wonder Cape May keep scoring nod after nod? It's such a gem of a destination. It's easy to see why so many people love spending time there.

We're lucky enough that we live within driving distance. We get to experience the "hygge" atmosphere whenever we want!

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Source: MyDatingAdviser.com

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