Let me start by saying I grew up spending time in downtown Haddonfield since I went to high school basically up the street. I've never heard of ANYTHING like this happening in this quaint little town before.

Haddonfield is known for being one of the safest places in all of South Jersey. People flock to its adorable downtown section to spend some time shopping in the darling little shops, eat at the FANTASTIC restaurants, and bask in the ambiance that resembles the small town vibe from the fictional town in Gilmore Girls, Stars Hallow.

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Who knows if that feeling of security will remain with people after they hear the latest news to come out of that cute Camden County town.

Just a week before Thanksgiving, Haddonfield had someone drive erratically through town. People were running in all directions to get to safety. The car went up on the curb and, unfortunately, damaged the restaurant famous for its British fare.

The British Chip Shop suffered damage to the front of their establishment. Columns were knocked down and a huge chunk of brick fell from a portion of the entryway. In addition to the physical damage to the building itself, several items from their outdoor seating were ruined.

The driver drove the car along the sidewalks for quite some time, eventually abandoning the vehicle. What's even more terrifying, however, is the fact that the driver tried to force his way into homes

The silver lining? Well, nobody was injured. That's of the utmost importance. Secondly, the restaurant received word from inspectors that no damage was inflicted on the structure of the building. That means they're allowed to remain open while repairs are being made.

Take a look at the damage. It's so sad:

Source: NJPen.com

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