We’re on a mission to find the best places to grab lunch in your neighborhood! Every Wednesday, I’ll feature a new town and new lunch spots!

Today we’re going to Elmer! Here are the 3 best places to get lunch in Elmer!

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1.  Anderson's Country Store - If you would like to step back in time, head to Anderson's Country Store in Elmer.  The original wooden floors and laid back "old country store" vibe make this place a local hang out in the mornings.  All the sandwiches are made fresh and the coffee is the best!

2.  Elmer Diner - Every town has diner, right?  Especially in Jersey, but the Elmer Diner is worth the drive!  Huge portions, great service and good food is what you will find at the Elmer Diner.  Try the grilled cheese on their homemade wheat bread and a cup of tomato soup...

3.  The New Dodge's Market - Under (fairly) new ownership, The New Dodge's Market has turned into a local gem in Elmer.  In the summer, you can order some munchies, bring a bottle of wine and sit outside while listening to live music.  But for lunch - especially right now - get the Gobbler - it's Thanksgiving on a roll!  You won't be disappointed by anything you order here.

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