Colder temperatures mean animals are looking for somewhere warm to hide out.

You've heard of squirrels hiding out under your hood, but they're not the only critters searching for someplace warm to spend the night. Before you start your car in the morning, make sure you pop the hood so you don't end up injuring one of these babies:

If you fail to check, it could result in serious injuries or even worse, death. Finding kittens under your hood isn't as uncommon as you might think. Nor is it weird to find them hiding in your wheel well, so it's recommended to give a quick honk of your horn in an effort to get those little guys out of there before you drive away.

It's chilly out there, kittens need warmth too! Honestly, doesn't doing a quick car check beat the heck out of running a little kitten to the vet?

Source: Facebook

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