The Daily Meal is a national website that claims the Tick Tock Diner in Clifton, New Jersey is the 2nd best 24-hour eatery in the U.S.!

Here's what the Daily Meal had to say about the Tick Tock Diner,

"Literally everyone from North Jersey has heard of the Tick Tock Diner, and just about all of them have dined there as well,'' says the foodie web site. "It's really, really good. . . this diner is a quintessential New Jersey hangout, with a menu about as long as War and Peace.''

Evidently, the disco fries are the dish of choice!  That's according to Pete Genovese, he's the authority in all things food in the Garden State.  He has the best job in the world.  Besides mine, of course :)  He gets to report and try these best-of spots.  I envy this man.

I digress.  Lol.

The number one 24-hour eatery in the nation is in New Hampshire.  It's called The Red Arrow Diner in Manchester.  Evidently presidential hopefuls stop by for good luck!


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