Because of up-in-the-air negotiations between owners and players, Major League Baseball is under a work stoppage. Essentially, owners of teams have locked out players.

Among other things, players are not being paid.

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Mike Trout, what are you going to do with all that time on your hands?

I mean, the Eagles only play once a week, and hunting season will only last so long.

Sure, you can hang with the kid and water that beautiful tree of yours:

Or you can hang with your buddies and hit the golf ball real far:  

But, Mike, what are you going to do?

I have the solution, Mike Trout: come and work for us!

We're in Northfield, just outside Atlantic City, just a short drive from your hometown of Millville. You remember Northfield, right next to Linwood - home of Mainland High School. You spent some time here excelling against the Mustangs in baseball, football, and basketball.

Mike, come and join the Cat Country Morning Show with Joe and Jahna! We'll welcome you as part of the show. Hang with us every morning while those mean owners at MLB lock you out. Those bastards.

What will you do?

You can do weather! We know you like the weather. Why, you once even called out the Weather Channel while you were driving around and, dare I say, listening to us?

Mike, we know that you love country music. Hey! So do we!

So, what do you say, Mike Trout? We know you're hanging at home here in South Jersey right now:

Come and work with us, Mike!

Mike: Quick Sidebar: Hey, we'll even pay you! We certainly can't match the $35 Million a year pay that the California Angels are paying you, but, hey, you're locked out. Right now they're paying you nothing. We will pay you more than nothing! Plus, we'll stock the fridge in the Cat Country Commissary with some Body Armour, just for you!

So, Mike, we're good? The Cat Country Morning Show with Joe and Jahna, and Mike?

See you tomorrow morning at 5:30am. The door code has been changed to your uniform number: 2-7.

Jahna's buying breakfast your first morning!

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