People! Stop! Please!

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Our radio studios and business office is located on Tilton Road in Northfield. It's a somewhat busy road as a number of small businesses, restaurants, and such are located up and down the street. In the summer, it's even more busy.

Tilton Road is a five-lane road, and when it's busy, things get a little crazy.

A lot of stop-and-go traffic, drivers pulling on and off the road into driveways and parking lots. A typical Jersey Shore business and traffic area.

We have our share of bad drivers, people who ride in the left lane at slow speeds, and drivers slowing down to try to find an address.

I can understand all of that.

What I can't understand are the people who pull into the roadway - putting their bumper or nose directly into the lane.


Photo by Alexandru Goman on Unsplash
Photo by Alexandru Goman on Unsplash

There's a line (often a curb) - stay behind that line. Do not extend into the street.

What happens when you pull too far? Someone will hit you!

It's a busy road, if you're in the curb lane of traffic, you have two choices: swerve into the second lane and hope you won't hit someone, or stop. Stop because you're going to hit the car with the nose into traffic!

What's with these people? Do they not know that they're pushing into the lane - or, do they just not care?

Come on people! Drive better! I don't want to hit anyone else's car, but I will if I have to! (NOTE to my insurance company: I'm really going to try not to hit anyone.)

Be careful out there!

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