We've been hearing about plans to construct a waterpark in Atlantic City for a few months now.

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The news first broke that the Showboat wanted to push forward with plans for a new family-friendly waterpark back in May with initial plans to break ground in August. Well, that hasn't happened yet, but depending on the decision to come later today, we could see some definitive plans emerge within the next few weeks or months.

The Press of Atlantic City reports that the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority are set to have their final meeting of 2020 Tuesday afternoon, December 15th. On the agenda are decisions regarding the AtlantiCare expansion AND the waterpark. If approved, the waterpark will be constructed in the middle of the Showboat and Ocean Casino Resort.

Showboat's owner says that the hope for all involved is that the plans for the waterpark get approved in an effort to draw the attention of families to the city throughout the course of the entire year as opposed to just one season. A family entertainment center was also proposed as well as some revamping projects for parts of the hotel.

The possibility of the plans getting approved is pretty strong since all powers that be have been focusing their attention on building up the North end of the boardwalk. Marketing it as a family-friendly area would certainly be the first step to cleaning up that section of the city.

To read more about the proposed waterpark plans, click HERE.

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