If there's a criticism to be held for Dan + Shay's newest single, "You," it's the fact that the song doesn't represent a huge step in any new direction for the country duo. Its lyrics describe a smitten, rock-solid relationship that's sure to stand the test of time — familiar subject matter for the singers behind "Speechless," "From the Ground Up" and "10,000 Hours."

"You" also relies on familiar musical techniques for the duo: It's sway-a-long, breezy country pop, helmed by bandmate Shay Mooney's masterful voice and pitch-perfect vocal harmony from Dan Smyers.

But a sharp left turn from the duo's wheelhouse isn't their goal with "You"; To Taste of Country Nights, Mooney previously described the song as "'Speechless' part two," explaining that instead of large leaps in subject matter, they're focusing on telling love stories that focus on subtle shifts and different stages of a relationship.

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"'Speechless' was about seeing your wife walk down the aisle for the first time and that moment, and this is that second part," Mooney says of "You." "This is forever love. This is down the road of, 'I've got you and only you for the rest of our life.'"

The song also offers a subtle shift in its musical foundation. "Speechless" and "10,000 Hours" both borrow heavily from contemporary pop — the latter more literally, thanks to the duo's duet partner Justin Bieber — while "You" feels classic, delivering R&B-informed pop stylings that are reminiscent of the most iconic love songs of the Motown era. At the helm of it all is the earnestness of its delivery. Dan + Shay keep putting out love songs for a reason, and that reason is because they're experts in the format, and can write and perform a more satisfying love song than nearly anyone else in the country genre today.

Did You Know?: Dan + Shay come honestly by their penchant for love ballads. They're both married, and included footage of their respective weddings in the music video for "Speechless." Mooney is also currently expecting his third child — a boy — with his wife Hannah.

Dan + Shay's "You" Lyrics:

Baby, standing here with you / With your arms around my shoulders, we're dancin' with the moon / And baby, it feels just like a dream / When I whisper that I love you and you say it back to me


I got you for the rest of my days / In the sun on Sunday morning / Or the pouring rain / I got you / For the rest of my life / And if all else goes wrong, baby / I'll be alright / 'Cause I got you

You and only you / You and only you

Baby, lookin' in your eyes / It's like we're in slow motion / Just you and me tonight / And baby, you're leaning for a kiss / And I know, and I know and I know / That it don't get better than this

Repeat Chorus

You and only you / You and only you

I got forever and I got all I'll ever need...

Repeat Chorus

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