Sometimes you just need to vent. I don't keep a journal or a diary, so I will vent to you. Aren't you lucky?

Here it goes...

I was at the food store last night when I made an observation. People don't like putting their carts in the designated cart areas. They are strewn about the parking lot. This my friends, is a big pet peeve of mine.

Now, I have never worked at a store that had carts before. However, this has always irritated me. I have put carts that were around my car away before leaving. If I am not parked near one of those cart hubs I will walk to another aisle to put it away.

I think it is just common courtesy to take this step to make someone else's job a bit easier.

As I was putting my cart away an employee was walking over to grab the carts that were there. Anytime this happens I ask them if they want the cart directly, or if they prefer I put it with the rest in the cart bay. (I honestly don't know what the official name for this area is so I'm just going to call it different things.)

So please, next time you are shopping and have a shopping cart put it away. Please don't leave it out in the middle of the lot. Be courteous of the workers, especially when it's cold and/or raining. Plus, parking in a lot with carts all over the place is a pain in the butt.

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